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The CROP Project is a multidisciplinary research Project to study the italian lithosphere, as a joint cooperation between CNR, ENI-Divisione AGIP, and ENEL. The project achieved the results through the execution, processing and interpretation of deep reflection seismic profiles on land (aprox. 1250 Km) and at sea (aprox. 8700 Km). Acquisition and processing were performed mainly by OGS. The project is now running a new phase (CROP 2), that aims at the data exploitation, dissemination and further interpretation. In addition, new data acquisition may be planned and executed in key areas. The digital and analog data have been stored into a Data Center created at the Bologna Section of Institute of Marine Sciences ISMAR - CNR.



  • Map of CROP profiles

  • Brochure ISMAR-BO

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    ISMAR Bologna Section Head: Sonia Albertazzi - 051.639.8909

    CROP DATABASE Project Manager: Mariangela Ravaioli - 051.639.8905

    CROP DATABASE Person in Charge: Valentina Ferrante - 051.639.8934

    CROP WebSite PLONE conversion: Stefano Carluccio - 051.639.8884

    SMAR-Bologna Computing Center Administrator and CROP WebSite Administrator: Giuseppe Stanghellini - 051.639.8937

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