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Marine geology researches produce data with various level of integration, that can demand sophisticated hardware and software systems of recording and finding information. The great diffusion of Internet allow possibilities to access data unimaginable few years ago only. In this context the conservation of the data (and the documentation) become a "conditio sine qua non' and this conservation would have to guarantee availability present and future for an arc of time of some generation at least.

The CROP Project (CROsta Profonda), represents a multidisciplinary research program, oriented to reach the following targets through geophysical study: understanding of the main geodynamic processes responsible for the current geological arrangement of Italy; definition and prevention of geologic hazard; research of energy resources as idrocarbons and geothermal fields; Stable zones identification for industrial installations.

The CROP Project, started in the middle of '80 as a general feasibility study, came true at the beginning of '90 through convention between CNR CNR, ENI-Divisione AGIP and ENEL. These convention has permitted the acquisition, the processing and the interpretation of more than 10000 km of land and sea seismic reflection profiles. This huge acquired scientific property has suggested the creation of the CROP Database which birth is to guarantee the data conservation through time and the CROP data management inside scientific community or not.

The CROP Database is working from 2001 at the Bologna Marine Geology Section of the ISMAR-CNR with the approval of the Committee of Coordination and the Scientific Council of the CROP.

Until now the Data Centre has acquired more than 80% of original CROP existing data (paper and magnetic). Within the 2005 is previewed that the data testing and refreshing phases will end. The Italian areas to inquire are still numerous and the next given acquisition surveys (in case were financed) will add new important information to that today in our possession.


Director of ISMAR-CNR: Dr.ssa Lia Santoleri

President of CROP Coordination Committee: Prof. Piero Manetti

President of CROP Scientific Council: Prof. Carlo Doglioni 

ISMAR Bologna Section Head: Annamaria Correggiari - 051.639.8909

CROP DATABASE Project Manager: Mariangela Ravaioli - 051.639.8905

CROP DATABASE Person in Charge: Valentina Ferrante - 051.639.8934

CROP WebSite PLONE conversion: Stefano Carluccio - 051.639.8884

SMAR-Bologna Computing Center Administrator and CROP WebSite Administrator: Giuseppe Stanghellini - 051.639.8937

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