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History and Goals

The CROP project started as a general feasibility study during 1982-1985 years. The first phase of the project was the CNR strategic project from 1985 to 1988.

The next phase, developed during 1990-1999, was ruled by five-years conventions between CNR (Italian National Reasearch Council) and AGIP (Italian General Oil Company), and CNR and ENEL (italian National Electricity Board). This phase has shown the real interaction between industrial world and scientific research one.


The main goals of the CROP Project are:

  1. Understanding of the main geodynamic processes responsible for the current geological arrangement of Italy;
  2. Definition and prevention of geologic hazard;
  3. Research of energy resources as idrocarbons and geothermal fields;
  4. Stable zones identification for industrial installations.





The knowledge of deep geometries of the Italian crust acquired inside CROP Project and the integration and revision of pre-existing geological/geophysical data are driving scientist to review the geological model of Italy. In the same time this research activity has allowed the italian technological development in seismic reflection surveys, seismic processing and interpretation techniques of NVR data.


With CROP Project Italy is included in the list of countries engaged in systemathic scientific study of deep crust ( USA(COCORP), Germany (DEKORP), UK (BIRPS), France (ECORS) and Swiss (NFP20).
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